A good story is captivating, relevant and delivers a message (good or bad). How do you formulate a story to meet these objectives? First you need to grab the attention of the reader or the audience at the beginning. This is called the “hook.” Asking a question that people want to stick around for the answer to is an example of a good hook. Creating or having a favorable character that the reader or audience wants to know more about and follow, will assist the likeableness of the story and hold the attention of the audience. We live in a fast pace world nowadays, therefore capturing and sustaining the attention and interest of the audience is most critical during the introduction of a story. If this doesn’t occur quickly, you are likely to loose the interest of your audience.

Its on thing to have a good story and another to tell a good story. Just because you have a good story to tell, if its is not told well, it won’t be a good story. Your feelings and passion about the story will help captivate the interest of your audience. I think it is much more difficult to captivate the interest of an audience when you tell a story that you are not connected to or passionate about in some way.

The emotions and energy displayed by the author gives me more of a reason to want to follow the story and find out what it is that is driving their energy. I want understand what it is I may be missing, or learn something I wasn’t aware of before. This is where the message comes in and a degree of relevance is sought. I want to remember and be able to reflect back on the story. This is what I call good story telling.