The Girls

The girls are each about 10 pounds. They eat, play, and sleep at about the same time. At home, the girls have more places to sit or lay then I do. They are high maintenance and spoiled.  Sometimes I wonder who really runs the show. Either way, I love them to the core, and can’t imagine my days without them.


I’m honored to be able to introduce you to the girls: Ginger and Penny. Sisters, from the same set of parents, born on the same day, one year apart. Ginger will be 10 years old next month, and Penny will be 9 years old. They are spunky and full of life and personality.


Ginger is the alpha-dog. She has stayed close to me since the day I brought her home. Although she is very sensitive, caring, loving, and attached to her owner, she can be intimidating. I call her queen “G,” because she is fearless and carries herself like she is THE queen of the land.  Many people are frightened by the sound of her bark. Seriously. Grown-ups. Men and women. She carries herself like she rules the land. Ginger believes she can accomplish any acrobatic maneuver, although her legs are about two inches long. She may not always make the wisest moves, but she is who I depend on as my watchdog.


Penny’s bark is not always accurate. She may carry on like something is going on, and there is nothing to be alarmed or concerned about. Penny is goofy, a little air-headed, and moody.  She will be the first to snap at you, especially when she is trying to rest. I guess she needs her meditation and beauty rest. As you can see in her photo, she has done well in keeping up with her youthful image. She hates baths, clothes and getting her nails cut, she prefers to be free and all natural (compared to her sister, who will rock a stylish fit in a minute). Penny likes to savor what’s good. She will hide and stash goodies in her bed or under mine. This behavior earned her the nickname, Penny Saver.



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