Are you Brave enough to take Responsibility?

Your actions on social media can affect your nonprofit organization or someone else. Did you think about what you wrote before you posted that status? The Anatomy of a Social Media Policy, asks you to take responsibility:


Understand the permanency of a digital footprint

ENTER…you have just created a digital footprint. It doesn’t matter if you go back and change what you said or even delete it. Consider your online activities are no longer private. Nowadays, there are tools like video capturing software and screenshots that enable what you do online to be tracked and recorded.

Reputation management

Your actions and behaviors online and within social media will create a reputation. All your employer has to do is Google you!


Representing the organization

Regardless if you are on the clock or not, you still represent your organization. Keep this in mind when you are utilizing social media tools. To maintain a positive representation during use and practice with social media tools, organizations may need to establish policies and guidelines on how to share and communicate information in a positive manner.

Positive Actions…

  • Encourage honesty and transparency – Social media is all about real people connecting in honest, sincere, helpful ways.
  • Encourage a conversational tone – Employees are encouraged to be interactive, conversational, respectful and professional, all at the same time.
  • Avoid spamming – Don’t email the organization-wide list that your daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies. And don’t take it upon yourself to send a mass email on behalf of your organization, leave this for your communications department.
  • Respect others – To eliminate workplace bullying, harassment and abuse; respect others both using and not using social media.

Be brave by being responsible


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