Social Media and Social Work

Since social media has flourished tremendously in a short time period, it will be a critical skill and knowledge base to have as a professional, especially in the field of social work. A new generation of social workers is evolving through the emergence of social media tools that seem to be growing on a daily basis. There are several benefits social workers have with the use of social media tools and networks. One of the most advantageous feature of social media tools, is its a free and widely available platform and vessel to the world, providing the ability to reach any group of people. As a social worker, it is important to meet people where they are, which is online.  ” Social media arguably constitute one of the most important cultural milestones in the last half-century” (Robb, 2011).  I recently told someone that this course, social media tools should eventually be a mandatory course for MSW students at Georgia State University. I personally believe it would be a huge disservice to the near future MSW students if they do not take this course, regardless of how involved they are in social media in their personal life.



Robb, M. (2011, January/February). Pause Before Posting–Using Social Media Responsibly. Social Work Today. Retrieved January 27, 2013, from


One thought on “Social Media and Social Work

  1. Your link to NASW is a good one and one we should talk about in class. Would like to have heard more about why you thinks ocial media is useful for the profession from you. It’s a good start.

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