Personal and Professional Social Media

The social media networks for personal use have grown in numbers quickly over the last few years. Since I have not kept up with the social media trends, I had to do research to learn about networks other than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This is the first time I’ve heard of BranchOut and BeKnown.  According to a study conducted by TNS for LinkedIn, people utilize personal networks for entertainment, socializing, staying in touch with family and friends, share and kill time. Whereas, people who use professional networks, devote their time to network, seek career opportunities and improve or maintain their professional image (Garibian, 2012).  I personally only have one personal network account, which is Facebook. I signed up for Facebook to replace Myspace and stay in touch and reunite with friends. I don’t keep up with Facebook regularly, therefore I don’t do much sharing or socializing. I’m somewhat of a private person, so I don’t feel the need or interest to do a whole lot sharing. Although I don’t like to tell everyone my business, I intend to improve my association with personal and professional networks. I have recently joined LinkedIn, and view that form of social media as a more valuable use of my time. Social networking is time consuming, and I don’t have time to kill on Facebook, Twitter or any other personal social media networks. Although I have not always been caught up with social media networks and the recent social networking trends, I would like to learn how to use them and begin to stay up to date with the networks I choose to join. I decided to take this course to learn more about social media tools and networks and how I can benefit from them in my personal life and professional endeavors.



Garibian, L. (2012, September 25). Social Media Mindset Divide. MarketingProfs. Retrieved January 27, 2013, from


One thought on “Personal and Professional Social Media

  1. Franci,

    It’s important when you post to begin to use the thoughts of others and reference them right in the body of your post. If you take a look at the some of the examples – and also some of your classmates blogs – you can see what I mean.

    Also, the next level of this conversation is to think about how social media can be a useful tool for nonprofit organizations and how that changes your behavior and your posts if you are using it for that purpose.

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